lowfi-records berlin


c l o s e r  t o  t h e  t r u t h   


founded in 1998 in the city of Heidelberg (germany) lowfi-records supports music and artists behind the "official big-music-business". our aim is to support those, who see their music as a state of art. lowfi-records is closely connected to that what calls itself "the new german underground".


there are 3 criteria’s for music presented on this label:


1 the music has to be lowfi, that means handmade, with no overdubs, often recorded on a simple cassette-machine with two micros. all music has to be recorded live. according to this, we do not only accept low audio-quality and playing "mistakes", we want them on our products, because lowfi-records wants to be "closer to the truth".


2 the lyrics have to be in german. the lyrics are seen as an important part of the musical work, they have to be on a more or less literally level.


3 there has to be an honest feeling, believe or attitude behind the music. this may mean a political or artificial point of view.